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Rich Sauces have been in operation for 27 years supplying premium catering supplies to the catering and food manufacturing industries. They required a floor surface that would not only supply a hard wearing finish to constant foot and vehicle traffic but requires an attractive hygienic anti-slip floor surface essential for the safety of their staff. After considering other alternative resin floor coatings Rich Sauces elected our high performance Resin Coating which incorporated antimicrobial and anti-slip additives for the 168m2 area.

This ultra-tough flooring solution is the ideal choice for the food indudtry because its seamless, non-dusting surface does not habour bacteria making it easy to clean. Exhibits abrasion and impact resistance characteristics that far exceed standard epoxy or polyurethanes. Another key benefit to the  customer was that the 168m2 of commercial flooring could be fully installed over a two day period with next day return to service, saving the company operational costs and staff downtime.

The existing floor surface was in poor condition and need to be rebuilt from the ground up. The floor was removed and diamond grinded to create a sound substrate and due to past moisure problems a DPM was rolled on and minor cracks fixed. Coving was installed prior to the floor coating being applied to the subsrate. The entire floor was installed and finished in two days with a full return to service within twelve hours.

The total time for the project start to finish was six days

The newly installed floors were pendulum slip tested and they achieved  a PTV of 47 which was a high pass.

The client informed us 6 weeks after the installation that the floors are only cleaned with hot water due to the floors hygienic features and recent tests on the floor detected proved negative. .

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